Thursday, December 24, 2009

If you didn't get our card....

And the winner...

of the ugly Christmas sweater contest was...ME!!!
*yes those are sequin pants and sequin shoes*

and YES I picked my parents up at the airport in this outfit!!!!
Oh the looks...:)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For your pleasure....

We made a "deal" for him to put himself in this predicament again! I seriously have one of the coolest husbands ever!!! Here is what Daniel looked like stuck in the window the other night but with just his underwear and socks on!

Oh the joy!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Doorknob Malfunction...

Last night the kids were in bed and I was in the tub enjoying the warmth and relaxation when Daniel decides he is going to come in and join me. I was opposed to this from the beginning for 2 reasons. 1. I'm pretty stingy with my tubs cause they are my time to just lay down and decompress and 2. you should see the two of us with our long old legs trying to fit in the tub together, not the most comfortable of positions I must say, but I thought, "what the heck".
Well when we tried to get out of the bathroom the door would not open because the outside part of the doorknob wasn't tight like it should be so nothing was latching.
We were pounding and yelling our kids names for about 10 minutes with no such luck. Align CenterObviously they are hard sleepers and usually once they are gone, they are gone!
Well finally Daniel had to climb out the window and here is where the story gets really good...he tried to go out one leg at a time and was straddling the window (ouch) but soon realized that his one leg wasn't going to be able to touch the ground. When he started to retreat he got himself stuck. Please try to picture this as I describe it....6 foot 6 inch man in his underwear with one leg outside the window, one leg inside in the straddle position. His back was facing me inside but his shoulders and head were both stuck outside and their was definitely fear in his voice and I'm sure on his face too but I wasn't able to see that! I'm not even sure how he got unstuck cause I was on the bathroom floor laughing my head off !!! He managed and then decided to go out both legs first. Good thinking. So he goes to Jaxton's room and starts pounding on that window and yelling Jaxton's name with no such luck again. He finally finds a window that isn't locked to crawl through to get inside. When he opened the door he looked like he had just gotten his butt kicked!
Now that right there was some good times! Maybe I can convince him to get himself stuck again so I can take a picture to post!!! Thanks for the laugh babe and thanks for not making me sleep in the bathroom last night!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

One month ago today...

my bestie left for California. She wasn't just any bestie, she was the bestie that I hung out with at least 3 times a week during the day. The bestie that a perfect day consisted of going to her house in sweats and sitting there watching her photoshop pictures. The bestie that I could always count on to go along with my crazy girls night out ideas. The bestie I took with me to the mall cause I knew she would tell me which jeans my butt looked best in! The bestie who my sister told things to that I didn't even know about. The bestie who could make me smile no matter what kind of mood I was in. The bestie who did the best dance imaginable in my kitchen when she was like 8 months pregnant and in her 80's clothes. The bestie who wanted to go to Carl's Jr. of all places for her birthday dinner. The bestie who shared all of her best secrets in any and every area. The bestie who was so unselfish with her time and her talents that I was constantly amazed. The bestie that I couldn't help pack when she was moving cause it was against everything that I believe in as a friend. The bestie who I'm pretty sure won't ever be able to be replaced. I'm totally not ok with her being gone. I'm happy for her and Jason. I'm happy that she is closer to her family, but I'm totally not ok with her being gone.
Come back friend....I need you here.
I've been mad at all the places we used to go together. I've been completely anti-social. I haven't even thought about touching my camera. I've organized all my dang closets to keep my mind off of you leaving. It's not getting any easier.
I miss you!!!
I love you!!!

Now where's my dang tissue?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I was just driving along minding my own business making a right hand turn on a red light when the following conversation takes place from the back seat...

Blaykli: "Mom you are a cheater!"
Me: "What? Why am I a cheater?"
Blaykli: "You didn't wait for the light to be green."
Me laughing my head off and asking: "What 3 year old knows that besides you sweets?"
Blaykli: "Don't argue with me mom!"

Oh here we go!