Thursday, June 19, 2008

So far...

Well, I'm in Utah. Vernal to be exact, and my highlights (and lowlights) from the 15 hours of driving so far include:

1. Listening to Jaxton ask if we were there yet about 25 minutes after we left Tulsa.
2. Watching a REAL high speed chase in the middle of Kansas in my rear view mirror. The police threw those spikey things in the road right after I passed them, the car swerved to miss them and everything, it was awesome!! They caught him, don't worry.
3. Having Daniel call about every hour to see what gas mileage we were getting in the minivan and how it was running (approximately 22 mph and it's practically brand new dude).
4. Seeing a chocolate covered twinkie in a candy store in Steamboat Springs. Still kicking myself for not buying it and eating the dang thing.
5. Getting a speeding ticket in the middle of butt nowhere Colorado by the ONLY cop that we passed in the entire state of Colorado. Come on buddy, I was only going 80 in a 65 and NOBODY else was even on the road, well except for you. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

I'll keep you posted. Loves to all back in Oklahoma, keep me posted if anything exciting happens (Fig, you better post a blonde picture asap on the map). Can't wait to see my chums in Utah and get Daniel's sister hitched in California. Good times to be had!!! HOORAY for everything!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A day at the pool...


I'm thinking...

that arranged marriages are a great idea!!! Who could ask for a cuter daughter in law than Kate? She is beautiful, she's spunky, she has a fabulous family and Jaxton is a happy boy!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I had some extra time on my hands last weekend when I was sitting out in the hot sun watching Oklahoma's finest walk by my Cool Chicks booth, so here you have it...100 random things about me, cause I love randomness!!!

1. I hate being on the outside of an "inside" joke.
2. I wiggle my left foot to help me fall asleep.
3. I have pixy ears (they are pointy on top).
4. I hate watching PDA, therefore I don't participate in it either.
5. I love buying fun things for my friends that remind me of them.
6. I would take a Lake any day over the Ocean.
7. Oklahoma tact (or lack thereof) is one of my favorite things.
8. I NEVER wear lipstick.
9. I hate that I don't look good in brown.
10. I am a true friend.
11. I know that Heavenly Father loves me.
12. I'm glad jelly shoes are making a comeback, I need to get myself a pair.
13. I don't understand how old guys can hike their pants up past their bellybuttons.
14. I love snow cones.
15. I have my mom's ugly pointer finger, it's just a breeding ground for arthritis.
16. I love watching "The Bachelor & The Bachelorette," love it! Yes, my mom taught me better.
17. I wish I were a professional photographer.
18. I love making and keeping friends.
19. I cry when I get really really mad.
20. I am not intimidated easily.
21. I am NOT a butt kisser.
22. If I don't like someone, they usually know it.
23. I try to like everyone, but that doesn't always happen.
24. Mullets crack me up!
25. About every other day I wish that I had long hair.
26. I am a very fast walker and it drives me nuts when people are lolly gagging behind.
27. I wish I were more patient.
28. I ate hot dogs for breakfast when I was pregnant with Jaxton.
29. I hate cats, hate them. I can't stand when they come rub up on my legs.
30. I wish I could sing...please don't tell me that I can cause I sound like a man who has smoked my entire life.
31. I don't think I have a quiet voice, but I still wonder why Jaxton can't find his.
32. I love being tall.
33. My feet are very small for my height (7.5). I'm glad.
34. Daniel's quirks secretly make me happy.
35. I won the hoop shoot in 6th grade.
36. My sister could beat the crap out of me.
37. I'm sassy.
38. I get my lefts and rights mixed up all of the time.
39. I blame that on being raised in Roosevelt!!
40. I wish I knew how to play Tennis.
41. I love my laugh.
42. I am easily entertained.
43. I am the travel agent for pretty much everybody in my entire family.
44. I am thankful that I am self confident.
45. I am a bit of a control freak.
46. There are times that I feel like the younger sister when my younger sister is around.
47. I look forward to having one of those motorized wheelchairs when I get older.
48. I get self conscious about zits, that's about all.
49. When I was little I wanted my name to be Whitney.
50. I like cookie dough better than cooked cookies.
51. If I won a million bucks I would travel to every temple in the world.
52. I have been blessed with some of the best friends anybody could ever ask for throughout my life.
53. I wear my feelings on my sleeve.
54. I have a lot of moles.
55. I love them because my mom always told me they were beauty marks.
56. I drive fast.
57. I had my license suspended the summer I was an EFY counselor because I forgot to pay for a ticket.
58. I drove anyway, until my mom found out.
59. I crave Utah food all of the time.
60. My lucky number is 13. I know that because I won a cake at a cakewalk on #13.
61. I adore my grandpa. I don't know what I'm going to do without him so I try not to think about it.
62. I choose to be in denial at times.
63. My swear word of preference starts with an A and ends with a double S.
64. I'm usually using it at Daniel.
65. I love to ride horses.
66. Watching my kids grow up makes me miss being a kid.
67. I loved growing up in Roosevelt.
68. I'm glad we moved when we did.
69. I hated everyday of Jr. High because girls were mean to me and they teased me about not shaving my legs.
70. I loved every second of High School.
71. I am so excited for my 10 year reunion coming up this month.
72. I think my feet are cute.
73. I broke my middle toe on a fat kid.
74. I always wish Daniel could be a girl, just for 1 day, preferably during that special time of month.
75. Milk gives me gas. I do not like it.
76. I love carbs.
77. I am not a fan of hairy men.
78. OK just kidding, I love when the hair is poking out the top of the T-shirt.
79. 2 years ago on my road trip to Utah some boys put up a sign that said "Show me your boobs." I laughed all the way to Kansas. (I was breastfeeding at the time, that would not have been pretty!!!)
80. I think smoking is the most disgusting habit in the entire world.
81. I grew 7 inches in 9th grade.
82. I hate tattoos.
83. I wish I didn't know some things about some people.
84. I want to fly in a helicopter really bad.
85. I wish I had more time to read.
86. I hate the wind.
87. I was the Tiny Tot Princess when I was 4.
88. I told my mom I was going to be Miss America and I'm pretty sure I meant it. Sorry mom!
89. I am so proud of my sister.
90. I love all the nicknames that Daniel comes up with for our kids.
91. I've been pooped on by a bird.
92. I love being a mom....most days.
93. Sometimes I'm tempted to ask people if they looked in the mirror before they left their house.
94. I hate getting ready for the day.
95. I don't like talking on the phone.
96. I use sunglasses more as a headband than actual glasses.
97. I hate doing dishes.
98. I do not get embarrassed easily.
99. I do not get offended easily.
100. This is my most embarrassing moment: LONG before I knew what testicles were I saw my Uncles hairy feet and said, "Holy Hairy Testicles." The whole family stopped and stared at me with their mouths wide open. I explained to them that it came from Ace Venture saying "Holy Testicle Tuesday" and they all bust out laughing. I still had no idea what testicles were but I was embarrassed. It's even more embarrassing now that I do know what testicles are!!!!

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed!!! Maybe I'll get crazy and do 100 more.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

You know your almost 28 when....

You wake up in the morning with a wrinkle line on your cheek from sleeping on your face and it's still there after the shower. Boo to that!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy 7th Anniversary!!!

June 1, 2001

I married my Eternal Buddy!

The One that I laugh with and cry with (and throw things at occassionally)!!

I Love You Daniel, always and forever!!

Here's to some more wonderful years and some more crazy kids!

Happy Anniversary Wheetie!!