Thursday, January 29, 2009

He was interesting...

I ventured into a liquor store today, first time in my 28 year old existence. Having Jaxton home from school that last 3 days because of the ice storm has put me over the edge. Ha! JUST KIDDING, I went in to get some gold tequila for this scrumptious recipe. (Sorry I couldn't wait for you Fig, the craving was killing me)

There was a sign on the door that told me to "Smile, because I was on camera," so I did! Then I walked in and turned a few circles feeling a little bit dizzy and completely overwhelmed.

I didn't even try to find it myself I just went right to the counter...

Me: "Do you have any gold tequila and if so where would it be?"

Counter Guy: looking at me like I just asked a really stupid question, "Right over here, do you need a specific brand?"

Me: "No, it's for cooking purposes."

Counter Guy:"That's what they all say."

Me: "Actually this is my first time in a liquor store."

Counter Guy: "You must be a Baptist."

Me: "Nope, I'm a Mormon actually."

Counter Guy: "Oh, I worked with a Mormon for 6 years, he was.....(long pause)....interesting."

Me: biting my tongue and thinking "What in the crap is that suppose to mean?"

Counter Guy: "My dad was a Baptist minister while I was growing up."

Me: biting my tongue and thinking again: "Well what in the heck are you doing working in a liquor store?"

The joys of Oklahoma tack.

And by the way that Shiz STINKS!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

For those of you who thought I was kidding about the BANGS....

I WASN'T!!!!
3 years old

4 years old

1st grade
2nd grade- WOW they just stepped up a notch!
3rd grade
4th grade-the wave
5th grade
6th grade-by this time I'm thinking they had a mind of their own!!!
7th grade
8th grade
9th grade-had to do makeover pictures for dance...lovely absolutely lovely! No wonder my mom couldn't recognize me when she came to pick me up!
10th grade-when I discovered my neck was like a giraffe. Probably thought the bangs could hide that too!
11th grade-between my bangs and my sleeves I'm pretty sure Bowdy wasn't seen all night!!!!
12th grade-Seriously? Seriously??
And then Daniel came into my life and suggested I do my hair like Britney Spears. Molly stepped in, the fabulous friend she is and helped me with this new do...thank you both.Once again I apologize for the bangs!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is for you Fig....

Since I KNOW how much you love Edward!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Confessions of my youth...

With permission I stole this idea from my sisters friend Lindy. It feels good to get it all out, go ahead and try it, I dare you!

Dear Kristi: I'm sorry I always lied to trick you into smelling my stinky feet.

Dear Beau Hancock: I'm sorry that I chased you around the playground so much in Elementary School that you just started staying inside during recess.

Dear Mrs. Frank: I'm sorry that I cheated on that one spelling test in 1st grade, I swear I never did it again.

Dear Talent Show Judges: I'm sorry that my mom let me sing for you, I'm not sure why she didn't just tell me it wasn't a talent of mine!

Dear Mrs. Mortensen: I'm sorry that I lied to you about the gum that you stepped on in 4th grade, it really was mine.

Dear Cody Littlefield: I'm sorry that I dedicated the song "Lonesome Loser" to you in the 6th grade.

Dear Orem Neighbors: I'm sorry that I ate all of your Velveeta cheese slices every time I babysat for you.

Dear Mr. Stumpfy: I'm sorry that my friends and I followed you around Timpview and made fun of you.

Dear Jolly Orange Giant: I'm sorry that my friends and I followed you around Timpview and made fun of you.

Dear Nate Cooper: I'm sorry that my friends Kristen and Nikki had crushes on you and I was always involved in the stalking of you somehow. Oh, and I'm sorry that I always made fun of the size of your head!

Dear Timpview Student Body of 1994: I'm sorry that you had to watch me and Nikki Winterton jump in garbage cans in the commons area and laugh until we peed our pants.
We really didn't think there was anything wrong with that!

Dear: TR Gourley, Brandon Okey, John Kearl and any other guy I was in love with my Freshman year of High School, I AM SO SORRY! I know I was such a freak!


Dear Daniel a.k.a Wheetie: I'm so sorry I took pictures of you underneath the basket, made up cheers for you and actually said them out loud, saved you seats on the bus and embarrassed the heck out of you in front of your teammates. I'm glad it all paid off!

Dear Rob Nash: I'm sorry I broke up with you in 10th grade
because you were too short. It wasn't your fault.

Dear Mr. Valora: I'm sorry that you felt so inclined to call the cops on us when we were stalking Brett Engeman in our snow suits on Timpview property during the Valentine's Day Dance.

Dear Teachers at Timpview: I'm sorry that I used "talking to my dad" as an excuse to get out of your class when I was bored stiff. Oh and I'm sorry that I called half of you creepy old perverts.

Dear Bowdy Gardner: I'm sorry that I tooted in your face twice in the same night. I told you not to tickle me.

Dear Poor Old Jack Rabbits: I'm sorry that I let Bowdy and his brothers talk me into kicking you after they had already shot you. That wasn't nice or necessary but it really was one of the funnest things I have ever done!

Dear snotty Roosevelt girls (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and I'm pretty sure none of you read my blog): I'm sorry that I dated the cutest guy in your High School. I know most of you thought you had a chance with him... but more importantly I'm sorry that April and I trashed your cars with a bunch of sick crap.

Dear Roosevelt people who did nothing else but drag Main Street: I'm sorry if you ever got a handful of sticky spaghetti thrown into your open window, we were just really bored.

Dear Jessie Woolley (Richards): I'm sorry that I let stupid rumors ruin our friendship for almost 2 years. I hate that that happened and I love you.

Dear Chris Morgan: I'm sorry that I didn't talk to you for like a month after you pinched my butt our Senior year!

Dear Cheer Squad: I'm sorry I was such a wuss about tumbling. And I'm sure that I contributed some towards the "Phantom Farter" but it wasn't all me.

Dear Josh Covey: I'm sorry that I totally shut you down when you tried to make out with me. That was an awkward drive home wasn't it???

Dear Charlie Jenkins: I'm sorry that I paid someone to throw a pie in your face at Ricks. Oh, and I'm sorry I nicknamed you Chester the Molester.

Dear Roomates at Ricks: I'm sorry that you had to watch me gain 40 pounds over a couple of months and I'm sorry if I ate anything that was yours!

Dear fellow EFY counselors: I'm sorry if my girls came and told you that you needed to marry me. I swear I had nothing to do with it! Oh and I'm sorry if I squeeze breezed you in the face when you weren't expecting it.

Dear Everyone: I'm sorry that I had bangs for the majority of my life. In my defense I was from Roosevelt, I thought I had a big forehead and I didn't get the memo that bangs weren't cool anymore!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Bump...

I'm 24 weeks today!!!
Here's a quick story....So we are in Utah and I put on my snow pants, snow pants people, those are like glorified overalls if you will! I couldn't get them to velcro or buckle. I said to my sister, "Dang, I swear I bought the mediums in these instead of the smalls." I looked at the tag and said, "crap, they are the mediums!" Kristi looked at me and said, "you were really hoping they were the smalls weren't you?!" I guess those 16 pounds have had to go somewhere!!! Good times!

If you...

couldn't find your remote control to the TV for 2 FULL days would you think to look in here???

yah, me either!!! Thanks Sweets!

It's a good thing Daniel put some of these in Jaxton's lunch this morning.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please vote, PLEASE!!

I have NEVER had a hard time picking out names for my kids, EVER!!! Blaykli's I was in love with the second I heard it on a cruise my sophomore year of high school. Jaxton's was a combination of 2 of my favorite names: Braxton and Jackson. This time I'm struggling to say the least, it's weird...I am not a fan of it. It might not be so hard if this child's aunt wasn't so stinkin opinionated :)! Here (on the right) is a poll of a few names that I'm liking right now,(the spelling may change depending on my mood) please vote for the one you like best so I can at least get some kind of inspiration from something. If you have any others you are willing to share, leave a comment, it will be greatly appreciated.

Poll #1 favorites: Ryker, Porter, Krew or (Crew)
Poll #2 favorites: Cooper
Poll #3 favorites: Brecken, Schafer
Poll #4 favorites: Gage, Kyler, Bridger
Poll #5 favorites: Beckham, Easton, Holden

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


If you aren't around my daughter on a regular basis then I'm pretty sure you don't know what a stinkin hoot she is, here is a slight preview...

#1. We were driving back from the Bone's house on Christmas Eve and she kept asking my dad to turn on his interior light. We all told her he couldn't see if he did that but of course she didn't understand. Finally she got ticked and stuck her tongue out (a lovely move a snooty little turd taught her at the McDonald's play land in Provo). My mom asked her, "did you just stick your tongue out?" Blaykli said, "Yes." My mom asked, "why" and Blaykli said, "Because I'm ruude!"

#2. We were at Church and at the end of Sacrament Meeting she said to me, "I want to go home and take my nap." I asked, "You don't want to go to nursery?" She said, "NO!" I asked why and she said, "Cause I'm not in the mooood!"

#3. My cousin asked her how old she was and she very matter of factly answered, "14."

#4. She is in love with Kristi's boyfriend Steve. She calls him Steven Hot dog....One night I put her to bed and said, "you didn't get to see Steven Hot dog all day today." She quickly answered, "he missed me so much."

There you have it folks, just a few of the thousands of Blaykli-ism's I could type up. There will be many more to come!

This picture....

of Jaxton just made me excited for Jarvis!!!

I needed that!!

Snowboots on the Beach....

I bet you there aren't many Californian's that have seen this.

I'm not even going to get into how we ended up here when we were suppose to be home!

Tubing at Soldier Hollow

Jaxton, Nanny, Pampa & Sweets

Twinners again!

The whole gang minus Daniel, dang job!

HUMP a di Dump Dump

Monday, January 12, 2009

Temple Square

Monday December 22nd

Utah wouldn't be the same without a visit to Temple Square.

SNOW fun!!!

Dear Snow: I LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

If you didn't get it in the mail....

Here is our Christmas Card for 2008. The baby's name is not going to be Jarvis. I repeat, his name will not be Jarvis. I have to clarify since Daniel's ENTIRE family thought we were serious, how could you ever take us serious???

UGLY Sweater Contest

This year at our Ward Christmas party I planned an UGLY sweater contest with the friends I knew would join me in this fabulous event. The best part was we were the only people that knew it was happening and it was a BLAST!!! It was all we could do to not bust up when someone (one of the super oldsters) told us how beautiful we looked in all seriousness.

And the winners are:


and Lacey 3

That is what you call U..G..L..Y!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my friends!!!!

New Calling Again...

So I'm pretty sure that my last calling only lasted for about 2 and a half months before I got a new calling at the beginning of December. I am now the Secretary in the STAKE Young Women's Presidency. Apparently Stake Callings are not for old people here in Oklahoma. The Presidency is great and I'm excited about the calling. My first task has to do with cell phones and my plan to ban them from class and activities, I'm really looking forward to it, the madness has got to stop and the Young Women need to realize they can live without them for an hour twice a week. This is their eternal salvation we are talking about here people!!!! Don't even get me started....Anyway, timing is fabulous (SIKE) since we have to travel to 11 ward conferences in 5 months, me expecting #3 in the beginning of the 5th month of course and then in June (the 6th month) we not only have Stake Youth Conference but Girl's Camp back to back weeks. TOOT TOOT ALL ABOARD THE LOONEY MOBILE!!! Good times!

Catching up from Football Season...

My blogging life had to take a backseat to my business life during last Football Season, as I'm sure you noticed. Life was crazy, but sales were great!! Here is the quick rundown of what was missed....
*Jaxton started first grade.
*Blaykli got a big girl bed.
*Maternity pants came on at 8 weeks!
*For Halloween: Jaxton was a hamburger & Blaykli was a hotdog!

*This is what Blaykli can do to a box of donuts in about 8.7 seconds

*Daniel is now officially in charge of the Turkey cooking for the rest of our lives

*Daniel also found a new passion.....Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army!

There might have been a few more post worthy things in those months but I've got pregnancy brain and forget stuff constantly, it's a real problem.