Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blogging will resume...

after the holidays, I promise!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We've got a Wiener!!!

I'm still in shock, I was 100% positive it was a girl....
I'm open to name suggestions, I've got nothin'.
Blaykli's wants to name him "Baby Bobik"
Jaxton says "Carter"
Fig says"Jarvis"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is how I knew...

First: Daniel walked into the kitchen naked (ooh baby) one night trying to determine if I was in the "mood" and I started bawling!!! He probably won't ever try that again :)

Second: I ate Chicken Spaghetti for breakfast one morning and have wanted it for breakfast on several other occasions. Except recently the thought of chicken makes me want to hurl unless it's fried, is that a problem?

Third: I suddenly developed a talent (as I see it) to devour gigantic hamburgers in approximately 5.3 seconds, no joke! Last trip to McDonalds I found myself thinking, "there wasn't anything BIG about that Big Mac! Where's the fries?"

YES! Bobik #3 is on the way, due the first part of May!!! I'm feeling fine as long as I don't get hungry and I'm already looking forward to the maternity clothes... seriously, bring on the full blown belly panel type comfort, this is #3 people!

Loves to all!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I can't believe....

That I haven't posted about my new calling. I FINALLY got released from Primary, don't get me wrong, I loved it but 6 years in the Primary Presidency is a little long for anyone, don't you think? Anyway, now I am in the Young Women's Presidency and I'm loving it. We don't have a ton of youth in our ward so we combine with another ward which always makes things interesting and sometimes complicated, but it's all good. I've only been to a couple activities so far but it rocks and I LOVE THE LADIES I SERVE WITH.

Here we (the leaders) are minus the one and only Fig

Here are some of the girls in Madge's fir coats that have come from
all of her travels around the world.

Here they are at Shawns Senior Night Volleyball game.
more fun to come!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Fall!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dang it....

Me after church yesterday: "I am so hungry I could die."
Jaxton: "I wouldn't even care if you died."

Then I had a pity party for myself....
Now I'm considering trying a new parenting strategy....

Friday, September 5, 2008

You know it....

What about yours?

Would you rather....?

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get back to's hilarious! Our friends Christina and Adrienne introduced this to us in Chicago. Don't go spend your money on the book though, I will share the funniest one with you and there are a few questions in there nobody should ever have to think about!! The funnest thing to do is make up your own and laugh your little butts off!!
Here we go...
Favorites from the book:
Would you rather....
compulsively mumble, "Kibbles 'n Bits. Kibbles 'n Bits. I've got to get me some Kibbles 'n Bits" anytime you run or walk swiftly.
have a condition whereupon becoming increasingly irritated, more and more popcorn starts to pop out of you pants?
Would you rather live in a world...
where all dirty words and vulgar expressions were censored with silly bleeps, and buzzes.
where when anybody tooted, confetti came out of their pants?
Kristi's best (so far):
Would you rather...
have your boobs in your back or your butt in your front?
Now here is your assignment. Come up with the best Would you rather..., leave it in the comments and the best one is going to win a prize. I don't know what yet, (I will let you know when I do) but it will be good!!!
Deadline for comments will be September 14th!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just another reason we love John!

John: "My boss' bosses are coming later this week and so he made a big deal about looking good and makin a good impression... which I think is a load of crap, but anyways, I really came to work like this today..."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Human Sandwich

Check it out...2 pieces of white bread with roast beef in the middle!!

If you look closely, Glyn and Jason even have "crust" on the bottom half of their arms!!!


Yesterday I went to the DTD (Down There Doctor) for my yearly PAP. I haven't had one since Blaykli was born and she will be 2 1/2 next month so it was time, although it became clear yesterday why I haven't made that a priority, it's no fun! While I was in the office so many memories of my Germany experience flooded through my mind. First of all, when the doctor told me to get undressed, he gave me a sheet to put over myself and left the room. In Germany, if you want to get undressed in private you have to go into a bathroom and THERE WAS NO SHEET TO COVER YOURSELF WITH!!! I would always wear the longest shirt I could find so that I could kind of cover myself while I walked across the room to the chair of doom.
There was no table in Germany, it was a chair with stirrups and if you think that was easy to get into when your 7,8, and 9 months pregnant you can think again. I wish I could draw so that I could give you a visual but you will just have to ask for one next time you see me in person. Another huge difference was that they gave me a PAP every stinkin' appointment, that was every 3 weeks ladies and I'm not joking! The real kicker though was that after I had Blaykli they wanted to keep me in the hospital for a full week. Um, no thank you, I'm an American and 3 days is plenty long with people who can't communicate with me. I asked to go home early and they told me I could go but not until the checked me. I didn't realize that that meant another PAP 3 days after giving birth with the stitches and all!!! Seriously, they are lucky somebody didn't die that day.
Anyway, I shared some of those memories with my doctor and his nurse and he assured me that he would always give me a sheet and only give me my PAP once a year. Life is good!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I may not be an Olympian...

but I'm pretty sure that I aspired to be more than once in my lifetime!


Dance ...I was a Roosevelt Star!

And of course...Jello Wrestling

I'm the one in the swim cap if you can't tell.

Hooray 4 Me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

California Highlights...

#1. I got to meet my new Sister-in-law Lindsay. She is GREAT!!!
#2. Aaron and Lindsay's rings had Topaz in them, to match their eyes!
#3. We got to see Grandma Shirley's hair down, that is always a treat!

#4. Lindsay said "Yes!" (HUGE sigh of relief)
#5. Aaron wore flip flops that matched his suit.

#6. Lindsay took a jumping picture with me at the temple. I love her already!
#7. Lots of beach time since everything they did was planned by the beach.

#8. They took off from their reception in a kayak.

#9. Watching Daniel and Ralph take the kayak back home.

#10. Getting a picture of Ralphie's toes.
(Fig, you don't have anything on these babies!!!)
And the best thing of all was that all of these highlights took place without kids, thanks to my FABULOUS friends in Tulsa!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to Cali...

for another wedding

Aaron & Lindsay sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!
(that was so Jr. High, I couldn't help myself)


Can't wait to get there for all the fun!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

This face....

makes me smile!!!

Confession of an Imperfect Me #5

Here's my confession: I can be a TOTAL snot when I don't get my way.

Here's the story: So we are in Chicago shopping specifically for shoes at Nordstrom's rack. I found my darling Black and White Jessica Simpsons and then my sister came over and was looking around. She went to the 8's instead of the 7.5's and found another darling pair of Jessica Simpsons that I felt like I just had to have. I didn't care that she found them first, I wanted them.
She let me try them on but told me to give them right back and started telling me how much she loved them. I was trying to stay cool and casually said, "K but if you decide you don't want them, I'm going to buy them." She hung on to those puppies in a death grip and wouldn't put them down for anything. Finally when we were in the checkout line I got a little desperate and here is where the snottiness came in, I started telling her things like, "Your feet are too fat for them," and "You are going to be taller than Steve in those." I probably said a few more things that were just about as nice and she still bought them. GRRRRRRR. I was so mad because I thought she was being a selfish snot because she could tell that I wanted them so bad (and she has a million pairs of shoes) and she was ticked because I WAS being a huge snot and not getting my way. I was so mad I even called Daniel to tell him about it and what made it worse was that after she had bought them she said, "If I decide I don't like them, I'll let you buy them from me." BIG HUFF. I text Daniel, "She just said if she decides she doesn't want them then I can have them. That just tells you she doesn't like them that much in the first place." I WAS SO MAD!!! Anyway, I kind of got over it, kind of, until she asked me to take them back to Utah for her from Chicago cause she was staying a few more days with her best friend Lindy. "How dare she ask me that," I was thinking to myself, another BIG HUFF. They got back to Utah safely and I contemplated just hiding them from her and taking them back to Oklahoma but I refrained, it was hard, but I did it.

Anyway on my birthday I get a package from my sister and you'll never guess what was in it....yep, the shoes!! She had purchased them for me for my birthday and had the whole thing planned all along. I called her and told her she was a dirty rat and we laughed until we were both crying as we reminisced about what a SNOT I really was that day. The best part of the whole story though is that I made her put them on for this picture...
and she said it hurt her foot so bad she wanted to cry because her feet are so wide! Serves her right for tricking me. Thanks again sis, I love you!!! Sorry I was such a snot!

Tulsa World July 13th, 2008

So other than my hair (which I swear was cute before I went outside) this is an awesome newspaper article the Tulsa World did on my business Cool Chicks Wear...

You can read it here:

The 24th of July!!!

Since Utah is the only place that celebrates the 24th of July, it was a fabulous place to be for our last day of the trip. My Gramps and Grandma were in Salt Lake so we spent the day up there letting the kids play in the fountains at Gateway.

My fabulous Gramps and Grandma Gates
After Gateway we went to Little America to eat dinner. I was enjoying the MOST DELICIOUS GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH I have ever had in my entire life and you will never guess who walked in and sat a few tables away....The PROPHET himself with his cute little wife. I know, cool huh? My sister took Jaxton over to shake his hand and then Blaykli helped herself over and gave the prophet a high five!!! The prophet talked to Jaxton about baseball stuff and then we let him get back to his dinner. This picture isn't the greatest but my phone is all I had time to grab.
It was the perfect ending to a perfect day spent with my family
on pretty much the most perfect trip I have ever had.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Monkey Walk...

Here is another one of my sister's many talents!!
front view:

back view:

(push the play button, it's there)

Sorry about the laughing, I can't help myself when she is around!!

Chicago Baby...

July 16th-21st, 2008

I went to Chicago to help my mom with the CHA Craft Show. "O'Scrap is back," was our motto, (it's a long story). While we were there we... (we as in Me, Kristi, my Mom, Christina & Adrienne)

Ate at the world famous "Gibson's"...

where you have to pay to pee!

She jumped...

and took the time to enjoy the simple things in life.

We rode the L downtown...

to get a picture in front of this sign...

to ride this bull...

shop for these shoes...
and to try to find a duplicate to this outfit. It's impossible!
We laughed our butts off playing this... (to be continued)

and worked, but who takes a picture of that?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How cute is she....

like, seriously!!!

Jaxton turned 6...

July 15th, 2008
For Jaxton's birthday we had a family pizza party and ate outside on blankets on the lawn. I learned my lesson last Christmas with him so this time I hid all of his presents in the yard and made him find them one at a time and open them one at a time so the present part would last longer than 3.3 seconds. It worked and we all had a fun, relaxing night!

Nanny got him a camera

Pampa got him a Batman blanket and a Spiderman game.

Mommy got him some Webkinz
Tisti got him this movie
Daddy got him some church toys
and Jaxton bought himself Mike
Happy Birthday Buddy!!! I love you!