Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just cause this is the best school picture EVER!!!

Can't wait to use this one in Jaxton's wedding video in the future!!! He couldn't wear normal pants or shorts because his cast went so high up his leg and he had to wear Daniel's socks because the cast was so big on the bottom. That cheesy grin is the best thing I've ever seen!

Friday, August 6, 2010

This just made my whole life...

Got this note in the mail today-

It brought tears to my eyes...
I can't even express in words how much I love my Grandpa,
but I can say it's way more than TONS!! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jaxton's baptism...

We had such a wonderful weekend last weekend with family and friends here for Jaxton's baptism. I still can't believe he is 8 years old. When he was changing his clothes after the baptism and before his confirmation he told his dad that "he felt happy and wanted to get baptized again!"

The Blue Whale....

Who knew that this beauty was just 17 miles from us in good old Catoosa, OK?! If you come back and visit friends I promise I'll take you there!!!


Not sure how John gets his suction power without the use of his neck!!!! Good times!

The mullet...

I will never forget Daniel's absolute horror when finding out that we would be having Jaxton in Payson, Utah. "When I think of Payson I think of Mullets" is all he could say. Jaxton had no mullet, he had a delmer (think Little Rascals).

Well lets talk about what happens when you have a kid in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

What else are 2 sisters to do...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Random Thoughts...

I'm tired of my visit from "Mr. Funk"
Tyson said his first word yesterday after throwing his food off the table to Eddie he said "Uh Oh!"
Jaxton has a BRIGHT green cast on his leg-I'm impressed by his color choice!
He asked to die the day after his knee that normal?
I've been eating a LOT of ice cream lately, we all know what happens when I eat lots of ice cream!:)
Fig had her baby...Vivi and she is scrumptious!!!
I need a hair cut.
My dog stinks.
Watching Blaykli swing takes me back to the good old days!
I love my fuzzy crocs.
I still need to see my sister, makes it worse that I was suppose to be there and didn't get to go.
Now Lacey needs to get her fanny to Tulsa
I'm so flippin' excited!
Peace Out "Mr. Funk" go bother someone else.
HGTV is on permanently in my home.
I got a part time job at Pier 1 just cause...can't wait!
Scripture Reading really does make me have a better day.
Daniel wants to get rid of our tramp.
That ticks me off.
I need a bagel, it's a Panera day.
I'm sick of being a toilet Nazi...leave the lid open for 2 seconds and Tyson's having a bath.
Why does Satan use FEAR as his defense?
I'm choosing FAITH!!!
It's almost time to say goodbye to another friend and I'm not sure how I'm going to deal.
Having this many friends move away in one year is WAY too much for me to handle.
I'm doing the Mandi approach and not making new friends with anyone who is going to leave me from now on.
Good plan.
I still need a hug from my Grandpa.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Favorite Hawaii picts...

For those of you who haven't seen them on facebook...

(see more here)
I'm so glad I got to go with my best friend!!
I also wish the wind wouldn't have been blowing so hard this day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thoughts...

*My minivan smells like a giant hamburger.
*I miss Lacey and her pictures.
*I love hearing Blaykli giggle.
*Sams Club makes me happy!
*I miss Hawaii....
*I need a hug from my Grandpa.
*I have a 7 1/2 year old for sale, he's really cute, any takers?
*Tyson gets into EVERYTHING! Here is proof...

*When Jaxton's hair is buzzed, his eyes look bluer.
*Is bluer a word?
*I need more closet space.
*Fig is having a baby GIRL in a month or so....she won't tell us the actual due date cause she doesn't believe in them.
*My due dates have always been pretty darn accurate but I also knew exactly when we conceived.
*Is that weird that I've known exactly where and when I conceived Sweets and Tyson? I had no idea with Jaxton, thought I was dying that time.
*I love baking cookies, especially when I use my special Mexican vanilla.
*Meeting Dennis Quaid really wasn't that cool...(he was really nice though).
*Why do actors always look taller than they really are?
*I think we are going to be in Tulsa a few more years and you know what, I'm totally ok with that.
*I love watching sweets play with her bestie!

*I'm starting a new business with a friend. That will balance out my year and make it complete and udder craziness instead of just partial craziness.
*You can't find cute crafty things here in Oklahoma unless you look REALLY hard or make them yourself.
*I miss Utah for that reason and many more.
*I want to see my sister.
*Actually I NEED to see my sister.
*We got a new couch!
*Daniel and I fight over the comfy corner...I usually win!
*Tyson is a runt, well for our kids at least. He is the same height (29 inches) at 9 months that Jaxton was at 6 months.
*I love to see the Temple.
*I could not live without Baby Magic baby lotion, for myself.
*My husband rocks!
*He has holes in almost all of his dress socks.

*Did I seriously take a picture of his holy socks?
*My kids are crazy! I often find myself asking why but I know that's a pretty stupid question :)
*I'm thankful to know that I am a daughter of God.
*My life is good!!!
*And yes, my last post about Shaka's was complete randomness (proof I'm in a blogging funk) but my kids are throwing them up all the time. Blaykli even does a wink with hers!
*Did you know that Chicken in 'Surf's Up' does a Shaka, the penguins can't cause they don't have fingers!
*After something like that is said is when I would throw in a "STUUUUUUUUPID!" go ahead...
*Random is fun, random is me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The SHAKA...

The sign that means EVERYTHING and absolutely NOTHING at all.
My brother in law Aaron is obsessed with it, says it's the thing he will miss most about Hawaii when he's gone. Daniel hasn't quit doing it or talking about it since we got home...he's even taught the kids. It doesn't matter what I do or say I know 'it's' coming with or without the actually announcement of what it is..."SHAKA!" We almost bought these hideous swim trunks for Daniel just because... if they wouldn't have been 56 bucks I would have purchased them for sure, but I know him better than that and know they wouldn't get used once we were back in OK. The Shaka is a fun simple gesture that unites the locals of Hawaii and completely entertains the dorks from Tulsa that come to visit!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For Christmas...

Santa brought the family this...

I got one of these...

One of these...

a pair of these...

And I surprised Daniel with a trip here...

Hawaii February 2010 NO KIDS ALLOWED!!!