Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Commenting to the comments...

So I've decided that instead of feeling like I have to e-mail each of you individually if there is something I want to say after you have commented on my blog, I'm going to do what my friends do and respond to your comments through commenting to the comments. Did that make any sense? Basically if you comment and you think that I will respond, check back and see, it will be lots of fun and I'm excited!!! Happy commenting!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Levi Luttman

I've waiting to post this story because it might be one of those stories that you had to be there but I can't stop laughing about it, and it's been a week and a half, so I'm thinking it's time to share. When we were down in OKC we stayed up half the night talking and this was the funniest compilation of stories ever... It started with a question about high school love or something from "The Chick Game" and Lacey #1 started telling us a story about how she was snuggling on a tramp with this guy when she was a freshman or sophomore and one of her friends saw her and went and told her Young Women's leader. So at church the next Sunday the very inappropriate (I might add) Young Women's leader started talking to them about morality but she was telling them things like "You should never go into the freezer section of the grocery store because boys will be turned on," etc. etc. (is that a joke?) She even went so far as to tell them about "Levi Lovin" (that is the Utah phrase for something else, if you can't figure it out e-mail me and I will fill you in). Anyway, so we were all laughing our heads off in disbelief because poor Lacey said at the time she had no idea what her leader was talking about and everybody was staring at her because she was the only one with a boyfriend. Then we all started laughing about the phrase "Levi Lovin" because our California friends had never heard of that. Then Michelle piped in and started telling us about a guy she dated named Levi Luttman. He called her once and said, "Hi this is Levi Luttman." It must have been in some seductive voice because she said that she just started yelling at him, "Is this some kind of a sick joke, I have no idea what you are talking about, don't you ever call me again you sicko," and so on. She said that after she got done yelling it all just clicked and this Levi Luttman was on the other end of the phone just wondering what in the crap he had said to make her so upset. To make matters worse, he wasn't a member of the Church so she couldn't explain to him WHY she was so upset or WHAT it was that she thought he had said. I'm pretty sure I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!!!! Hooray for good times and good laughs! I love my crazy friends!!!!

******A few clarifications****** Just in case Levi ever googles his name and sees this little ditty pop up, Michele asked me to clarify a few things: #1. Levi is one good looking specimen :) according to Michele and she was quite fond of him and #2. She met Levi and was excited for him to call her but he was shy and waited 5 weeks to do so, so this phone call occured the first time that he did call her to ask her out. I think that pretty much rules out the seductive voice theory that I had!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Time Out for Women in OKC

Last weekend was a blast! A group of 7 of us from the ward (it was suppose to be 10 but I won't get into that other than to say BOOOOO once again) went down to Time Out for Women and totally enjoyed ourselves. For those of you who don't know what Time Out for Women is, it's a Mormon thing, kind of like a mini Education Week that Deseret Book puts on each year in different locations. There are speakers and singers and the best part is, it's only for women!

We got there Friday afternoon and checked into our Hotel Room and then went and walked around Bricktown and had Abuello's for Liner. Speaking of Abuello's their Avocado Enchiladas are the bomb and I'm not even that big of a fan of avocados. Friday night Michael McLean did a little mini concert and we listened to Kim ______ (I can't remember his last name). But one question he asked us that I would like to ask all of you is this: "If you saw a mother treating her daughter the way you treat yourself, what kind of a mother would you think she was??" Think about that for awhile and start loving yourselves sisters!!! Heavenly Father has confidence in us, do we have confidence in ourselves?

After Friday nights activities we went to The Melting Pot for dessert and I'm pretty sure that I had a little taste of Heaven in that Banana Foster White Chocolate that I had. YUMMM is all I have to say and yes, I licked my plate clean even after all of the dippers were gone.

It was delicious!!!! My tummy was happy!!! So were Lacey's lips!!!

We went back to our Hotel and got into our Jammies and stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning, it was so fun getting to know so much about each other, we just didn't want to go to sleep.

Saturday was a day full of Hilary Weeks (she has a new CD coming out in September that is going to be awesome) and more wonderful speakers. The spirit was strong, it was fantastic!

Heather, Pat, Michele, Susanna, Me, Kristen, Lacey, and Melissa

I also saw Annette and Kim, some of my best chums that I love to death...

These were my favorite purchases, since I always seem to share

How excited am I to read this...

How great is this going to look hanging in my kitchen...

To finish off our fabulous weekend we decided to stop by the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial since Saturday was the 13th anniversary of the tragic incident. The Spirit there was strong as well and it was interesting to learn more about it since I was only a Freshman in High School at the time and I didn't even know where Oklahoma was.

Thanks for the fun weekend girls, I love you all!!!

Say HELLO to my little friend!!!!

This is Michele and I love her for a ton of reasons but I think one of the biggest reasons is because she is so dang cute and small. I'm not really touching her boob, I'm just pointing out where the top of my hip begins on her darling little body. Don't you just want to pick her up and squeeze her to death?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hooray for Ebay (ooh that rhymed)!!!!

So I went to the mall last week and searched high and low for some cute, fun, casual yet potentially dressy white shoes to wear with skirts and such in the summertime. NO LUCK! I knew exactly what I was looking for and saw it in other colors just not white. Anyway, I came home and googled MIA, found the perfect shoes and guess what they were SOLD OUT everywhere! By this time I was starting to feel sorry for myself and my cute shoes hopes were dashed, big sigh...and then it caught my eye (ooh that rhymed again, I'm on a roll).....the link to EBAY. I went there to search for the MIA Esie's in a 7.5 and there they were...beautiful and brand new, but only 2 pair in my size. Yah, no bidders, I was the first. I bid $35.oo for a $60.00 pair of shoes and waited for almost 2 full days to find out that I WON!!!! But wait, it gets better, the starting bid was 19.99 and nobody else bid so I got them for 19.99 plus shipping, which was still cheaper than the 35.00 that I was willing to pay plus shipping. I'm pretty sure that Ebay is my new best friend! I'm also pretty sure that you all know how Ebay works so that was a little too much detail, unless you are my mom, then you will think that's the coolest thing you've ever heard of and want to try it yourself but then I'll have to answer all your silly questions :) Just kidding mom, I still love you and I really love my new shoes!!!

Hooray for Ebay!!!

Confession of an Imperfect Me #4

Here it is, my 4th confession: I AM ADDICTED TO WEBKINZ. I know, how lame can I be?? I'm not addicted to the webkinz themselves (I could build a house with all the stuffed animals we have), I'm addicted to the website that you can go to and play games to earn money to buy things for your webkinz. Jaxton and Blaykli have 6 combined: Eddie the pug, Shaq the lab, Mack the frog, Ralphie the Koala, Sweet Do Do the Hippo, and Tandi the pig. Naming their webkinz is about as far as I let the kids go and then I take it from there with all of the decisions concerning each of them. No joke, when my sister was here we played for hours on end, trying out all of the different games, earning the money and then having serious conversations about what we were going to purchase to make each of their rooms the cutest, what colors to paint the walls, furniture to buy, etc. Daniel laughed at us, my mom laughed at us, Jaxton yelled at us (cause he wanted to play himself), and we laughed at ourselves but that didn't stop us from having more conversations about the layout of the room and what they really needed, opposed to what we thought they wanted. Like they even know or care, although each time we bought them something a little blurb would come up from the animal thanking us for buying that for them. It was pretty cute and it made me feel happy inside! I know you are all laughing at me and thinking that I am totally kidding about all of this but---I'M NOT!!! If you don't believe me, ask my sister or Jaxton, he will tell you that I never give him turns on the computer and it's true. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary to our House!!!!

Last week marked the 1 year anniversary of us living in our first house, not of our house itself, in that case it would be 80 years old!!! We absolutely love our little house and have been able to make this house our home. Thanks to my dad who has helped us with EVERYTHING that we have done inside and out and thanks to all of our friends who come over and make memories with us here.

Here are the most drastic before and afters.



The Front Room

Here are some other pictures
The Laundry Room
Our Room

Blaykli's Room

Jaxton's Room

2005 One Shining Moment

We were told that players would give their left legs to be on this and this is the second year that me and Kristi made it in a row!!! Hooray for us being so crazy and for the love CBS had for us!

Final Four

I know I'm reminiscing about the "good old" days but having the Final Four be in San Antonio again this year has brought back so many of the BEST memories Daniel and I have ever had in our lives. I'm so thankful that we got to share them together.

I don't think anybody understands what a big deal that is unless they have experienced it themselves and really there aren't words to describe all the feelings that we went through together during that run. I will never forget throwing my arms around Daniel after their win against St. Joes to get them to the Final Four and thanking him for bringing me to Oklahoma. It was a tender moment.

Anyway, we threw a Final Four Party on Monday night and busted out all of the fun Final Four treasures that Daniel got for being a participant. Here are the table decorations and yes, I am wearing a 'Cool Chicks Wear Blue' shirt in honor of Kansas cause we've got to represent for the Big 12!! Awesome win by the Jayhawks by the way, and a big thanks to them for leading me to victory in my bracket with Daniel a close 2nd. The Bobiks rock the bracketology, that's all there is to it!!!!

Proud Wife Moment....

Who says white boys can't jump??? This would make any wife proud.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Funky Name Tag

My rock star name (first pet and current car): Mitzi Mini Van {I'm thinking my agents might have a problem with that one}

My gangsta name (favorite candy bar and favorite cookie): Carmello Chocolate Crinkle {Now I just need a brown velor jumpsuit that says "Juicy" on the butt and I'm set}

My detective name (favorite color and favorite animal): Orange Possum {It's really not my favorite (although I do think it's awesome they can hang upside down from their tails) (Wait, those are possums right?) I've just passed a dead one on the side of the road a million times so it's on my brain}

My Star Wars name (first three letters of last name and first two letters of first name then the word "of" then a medication you are on): Bobna of Proactive {Hey it's medicine, kind of}

My superhero name (2nd favorite color and favorite drink with "The" in front): The Bright Pink "Conoco Concoction" {My powers are secret concoctions that will never be discussed}

My Nascar name (first names of your grandfathers): Jay Calvin {That ones a winner. Why couldn't my grampa's names be Lightning and McQueen?}

My stripper name (name of your favorite perfume/cologne and your favorite candy): Deep Red Mini Eggs {I'm not sure how, but that kind of sounds kinky!}

Witness-protection name (mother's and father's middle names): Lyn Bradley {Could it be any more boring??? Seriously, that would just not work for me}

Thanks for the tag Christy, I needed something to light a fire under my rear. I tag all 3 Laceys and Whitney. I would totally tag Molly but she just had her baby boy yesterday (HOORAY) so I'll give her a break!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here they promised

My PLUMP pictures
From 125 to 160 in approximately 2 1/2 months!!!

Chunky but Funky!!!

Check out the double chin on this one!

I don't think anything needs to be said except HOORAY for Daniel who feel in love with me despite the 40 pounds I had gained! He liked me large and in charge!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm so sorry.....

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. I have 3 good reasons but apparently they aren't good enough for some of you :)!!
#1. I have been scanning all of my pictures into my computer and trust me, I have found some real doosies that I will be able to blog about, but that takes time my friends.
#2. I started the whole cleaning out of the garage, putting away winter clothes, getting spring and summer stuff out, etc. 2 days before my mom and sister came to town. Yah, not quite sure what I was thinking there but it's done now so all is well.
#3. My mom and sister have been here for 5 days and we have been BUSY!!!!!! We've been to a wedding, gotten ready for Blaykli's birthday, done business stuff in Stillwater, and shopped. There has been no time for blogging.
I know this might surprise some of you but I do have a life besides blogging:). I really am sorry to leave you hanging though, I promise. I will get back in the swing of things and you my friends have a lot to look forward to so be prepared.
Loves to all!