Thursday, May 29, 2008


Jaxton's prayer: "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless that I can be a missionary someday. Please bless that I can be like Jesus, Joseph Smith and the other prophets."

Hooray for my kindergarten graduate!!!!

Congratulations bud, I am so proud of you!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What I've been up to...

*Making gourmet meals for the family*
Mac & Cheese with Peas and Hot dogs

*Looking out the window and seeing this*

*Being crafty with my husband less (for the summer) friend Christy who swore she wasn't crafty but totally fibbed*

*Making headbands for Blaykli to match all of her summer dresses*

*Watching the kids in swimming lessons*

*Trying to prevent this from happening*

*Eating this for breakfast 3 days in a row*

*Laughing at this*

*And buying this*

Coming up next: Jaxton's Kindergarten Graduation, 2 weeks of the Zoo and Big Splash and then our trip to Utah and California!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Adventures of the Passer Outer

Yes, the passer outer would be me and yes, I did it again this week. It's usually only a problem when I am sick or I get hurt pretty bad. It's something that I have always dealt with and something that I am used to and it isn't until I pass out around people who haven't ever experienced that themselves that I am reminded of how weird it actually is. I'm super freaky:)!! But since I'm thinking about it, I'll share my passing out adventures with you because some of them are actually pretty stinkin' funny! Most the time seizures occur as well, but I think those have kind of died down with age.

*When I was little my dad was the neighborhood jungle gym. All the neighborhood kids would come over and he would throw us up in the air and catch us by our ankles. It was all fun and games until he missed my ankles one time and dropped me on my head about 1 inch from the concrete sidewalk. I'm pretty sure that's when I started these fun little episodes and I'm pretty sure that my mom threatened to kill him if he had killed me while they were on their way to the emergency room. As soon as I came to, my dad passed out, I think it kind of runs in the genes.

*I passed out once in the bathtub when I was sick and scared the poopies out of my mom.

*I passed out in my grandma's blazer once when I was sick and scared the poopies out of her.

*I passed out in 1st grade because I was sick and wouldn't stay home from school. I just loved it too much.

*I passed out in 1st or 2nd grade because we were practicing for a school performance and I had my knees locked for too long.

*I passed out in 4th grade on the playground because we were playing the whip game and I got whipped and hit the ground at full speed, it hurt.

*I passed out getting moles removed from my chest because I saw the needle.

*I almost passed out giving a shot to an orange in my Physiology class, that is when my dream of being a nurse was dashed.

*My sophomore year of high school I had a broken tailbone (I actually did not pass out when that happened because some stupid kid pulled my chair out from under me, sorry back to the point which is Hooray for me!) I decided that I was going to go sledding anyway cause I didn't want to miss out on anything fun. I put the blue donut that I had to sit on down my ski pants, (not realizing that it would totally deflate in the cold weather) and away I went. I happened to hit the only bump on the entire hill and came down right on my broken tailbone. My friend Collin Kartchner was there at the bottom with me and as I was blacking out I told him, "Collin I'm fainting, I'm fainting." He thought I was dying so he called for help but all of our friends at the top of the hill thought that he was kidding and that we had the whole joke planned so they all just laughed at him and he started doing CPR on me. This is a true story and technically I guess he was my first kiss :)!!!

*I passed out once because Bowdy hugged me so hard. I'm pretty sure that scared the poopies out of him too.

*I passed out at the Wilkinson Center at BYU right on the steps because I stepped wrong and sprained my ankle. I was with my BFF Molly at the time and I'm pretty sure we were going to try to go spy on Daniel. Anyway I told her that I was passing out and she said to me, "No you can't, I don't know what to do!" The EMT's came to help.

*I passed out last Thanksgiving on the way home from California because I had a sinus infection and when the airplane was descending my eyeballs felt like they were seriously popping out of my head and I was gone. Thank goodness Daniel was there to hold me while I was out.

*And last but not least, Monday I passed out while we were at the hospital for Blaykli's second eye surgery, and again later that day after I got up to put Blaykli on our bed. I've never done a two banger before so needless to say, it's pretty much been a waste of a week but I'm finally feeling better, thank goodness.

*I'm sure there are more but those are the ones I'm remembering at the time. I have yet to pass out while delivering a child which is a huge accomplishment for me and I've figured out that if I ever have to give blood if I lay down while they are doing it, I'm usually OK.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Donut Update...

Yesterday I got dressed and everything felt a little snug so I've decided The Cinnamon Honeybun is the culprit and my obsession has got to stop. I can't tell you the last time I had a "I'm feeling fat day," it's been years. So before it really gets out of hand I'm putting my foot down and only buying Honeybuns for special occasions and them I'm limiting myself to 1.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm so glad when Dad comes to town...

I'm so glad when Dad comes to town,
glad as I can be.

Give him a list of things to do
and cross them off once complete.

Watch the kids follow him around,
back and forth they go.

Shelves and mulch and swingsets and more,
"Pampa" is just a pro!!!

Thanks dad for everything that you do for us and our cute little house.

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Love of my Life....

So I went to Merritts Bakery this morning to get my dad some donuts for breakfast. He loves donuts!!! I'm there in line trying to decided which one to pick and there it was....

The Cinnamon Sugar Honeybun

Oh my gosh, I couldn't wait to get that thing in my mouth. I jumped in the car and started heading to Sonic to get Diet Cokes to compliment the donuts, of course, and I was finished with this little piece of heaven before I even got there. It just melted in my mouth. I got the drinks and headed back, no not home, BACK TO THE BAKERY for another Cinnamon Sugar Honeybun and told the cashier "that this was pretty much the best thing I have ever tasted in my entire life and that I was going to share this one" (ok so I lied about the sharing part!!) She laughed at me and sent me on my way with my 2nd Honeybun of the day but it's only 8:36 am so I might just return for numbers 3, 4 &5 depending on my mood and the capacity in my stomach!!! In other words my friends, this donut itself might just be the reason that I could live in Tulsa, OK for the rest of my life. I may be 437 pounds by the time that I die but it would all be worth it for this perfect little donut that is calling my name. Have a great Monday, I sure will!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mmm, do you know what I want right now???

It's 10:30 at night on Friday night and I want a treat, but not just any treat. I want my friend Christy's homemade Strawberry pie. Mmmmm, it's delicious. I wish I had a picture to show you but I don't, so you will just have to imagine it's sweet deliciousness. I love friends who are fabulous bakers, it makes me happy!!! Last time she made it Daniel and I fought over the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. Yep, it's that good!