Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Random Thoughts...

I'm tired of my visit from "Mr. Funk"
Tyson said his first word yesterday after throwing his food off the table to Eddie he said "Uh Oh!"
Jaxton has a BRIGHT green cast on his leg-I'm impressed by his color choice!
He asked to die the day after his knee surgery...is that normal?
I've been eating a LOT of ice cream lately, we all know what happens when I eat lots of ice cream!:)
Fig had her baby...Vivi and she is scrumptious!!!
I need a hair cut.
My dog stinks.
Watching Blaykli swing takes me back to the good old days!
I love my fuzzy crocs.
I still need to see my sister, makes it worse that I was suppose to be there and didn't get to go.
Now Lacey needs to get her fanny to Tulsa
I'm so flippin' excited!
Peace Out "Mr. Funk" go bother someone else.
HGTV is on permanently in my home.
I got a part time job at Pier 1 just cause...can't wait!
Scripture Reading really does make me have a better day.
Daniel wants to get rid of our tramp.
That ticks me off.
I need a bagel, it's a Panera day.
I'm sick of being a toilet Nazi...leave the lid open for 2 seconds and Tyson's having a bath.
Why does Satan use FEAR as his defense?
I'm choosing FAITH!!!
It's almost time to say goodbye to another friend and I'm not sure how I'm going to deal.
Having this many friends move away in one year is WAY too much for me to handle.
I'm doing the Mandi approach and not making new friends with anyone who is going to leave me from now on.
Good plan.
I still need a hug from my Grandpa.