Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Official Declaration: "I am a blogger."

So we have a group of 4 or 5 couples over about once a month for dinner on Sundays. It's a fabulous time except that I am running out of yummy things to cook. Anyway, two of my great friends are bloggers and they convinced me that I have got to blog consistently and people will read. My best friend Molly has been telling me that for over a year but she's in Hawaii so sometimes I have a hard time listening to her!! Now that things are slowing down A LITTLE in my life, business wise anyway, I'm going to try really hard to be consistent. I'll just look at it as a job that has to be done, like feeding the kids, folding the laundry, etc. The problem that I will encounter though, I know already, is that I will be blogging instead of doing the things that really need to be done. Oh well, blog on right? Hooray for that!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for finding Natalie, it's me Amy Mecham now Draper. I'm glad that you and my cousin Christy are OK buddies. Your kids are adorable. I don't know if you heard, but April just had her second, a boy, named Jace. Oh and her Hailey just turned 3 today.

Fig said...

Consistent blogging is definitely worth some hoorays.

As for yummy things to cook, you could just repeat the things we've had already over and over, and I think we'd all be okay with that. :-)

Molly Bea said...

Yes, let me tell you...blogging will top your priority list right after making sure your kids are still alive...j/k. YOu'll love it! can't wait to hear about what's going on more often!