Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Googleing (is that a word?)

If you are wondering if we are serious in these pictures the answer is YES!!! I can't count the number of times we did the "horse dance" for thousands of people, plus a television audience. Please still be my friend!!!! Oh and P.S. How much do I love my sister?!*


STILLWATER -- Take one part college basketball, one part fashion, two parts zany sisters, throw in the "William Tell Overture" and you have a national phenomenon that makes little sense and is all the more fun for it.

Sisters Kristi Monks and Natalie Bobik, wife of Oklahoma State junior Daniel Bobik, are co-creators of the "ride to victory" that has gained so much attention in the postseason. Monks and her mother fly from Utah to every game. Natalie and Kristi wear crazy hats, sunglasses and clever shirts claiming, among other things, "Cool Chicks Wear Orange," and ride imaginary steeds as the OSU band churns out the familiar tune.

"We're having a fabulous time," Natalie said.

"It's a fun time for all three of us," said Daniel Bobik.

The phenomenon began when the sisters picked up some matching orange gear for the Big 12 Tournament, then got a little crazy when the band struck up "William Tell." They did it again at the NCAA Tournament games in Kansas City, wearing matching outfits to each game and finding themselves on the video screens overhead, cheered on by fans of both teams. At the regional last week in New Jersey, they went shopping at Mill Creek Mall -- across the street from the OSU hotel -- and hit the mother lode.

"It was kind of a sad mall," Natalie said, "but they had this little store and they had tons of orange, and we just couldn't help ourselves. We got those hats and the sunglasses."

The idea was to break out the new gear during the first media timeout of the second half "only if they're down at halftime." Luckily for everyone watching, the Cowboys trailed both Pittsburgh and St. Joseph's at the break.

"So we pulled out our hats and glasses," she said, "and they worked."

So did CBS' television cameras, which captured the sisters in peak form. Since then, inquiries about the orange-clad riders have come from such locales as Philadelphia, New York, California, Utah and Atlanta.

Working mom: Natalie Bobik, 24, also has gained acclaim for her day job: full-time mom. Twenty-month-old son Jaxton takes all her attention when she's not riding air-horses in the aisles.

"Heck yeah, she works. She's a mom. That's plenty of work right there, I'm telling you," said Daniel Bobik. "I'd rather have her raise our children than somebody else. . . . That's definitely a job-and-a-half, I tell you. I mean, I admire people who stay home and want to be with their children and raise them. It's not an easy task."


Lacey Freeman said...

Okay, so I guess I am not as cool. Anytime I've ever tried to google my name, nothing but random things pop

Fig said...

Dude, you need to show Daniel that quote of his next time he advises you to "get a real job".

Fig said...

Lacey, I'm not on google either. Whatevs.