Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top answers to "Fun Questions!"

I sent out a questionnaire to all of my friends to fill out about me. These were the best answers that I got back. some of them know me way too well! I love my friends!!!

Question 1- Where did we meet?
#2. answer: "In heaven." Christy Hancock
#1 answer: "T-I-M-P-V-I-E-W. I think maybe you were making fun of my herkey. Is that how you spell herkey?" Nikki Packer

Question 2-Take a stab at my middle name?
#3 answer: "You don't have a middle name-right?" Tara Bone
#2 answer: "Hooray! j/k I really have no idea! maybe 'Jo'. " Whitney Garrett
#1 answer: "Rae, I know because almost everyone I know from Roosevelt has that as their middle name. Okay, I'm not sure if that's your middle name but I know a lot of folks from R-velt with that middle name." Nikki Packer

Question 3- Color of my eyes?
I though my eyes were brown, but half the answers were hazel so I might have to re-think that one.

Question 4- Do I have any siblings?
#2 answer: "One sister and two brother in Heaven" Tara and Molly
#1 answer: "A sister who's as crazy-A as you are!" Christy Hancock

Question 5- What's one of my favorite things to do?
#4 answer: "Celebrate YOU! Hooray!" Tiffany Engel
#3 answer: "Stinking Crafts" Christy Hancock
#2 answer: "You love to laugh and make other people laugh and I love that about you! You also love to cook apparently because I have so many great recipes because of you." Nikki Packer
#1 answer: "Blog Stalk!" Molly Carter

Question 6-What's my favorite type of music?
#3 answer: "up beat and jiggy" Tiffany Engel
#2 answer: "I remember that you didn't really love top 40 music or some of my crazy radio stations. But I know you love Little Mermaid." Tara Bone
#1 answer and right on the money: "Country from your roots, hip-hop from your husband, popular alternative from you." Molly Carter

Question 7-Am I Shy or Outgoing?
#3 answer: "Are you kidding?" Nikki Packer
#2 answer: "Very "hooray"ishly outgoing!" Whitney Garrett
#1 answer: "About as shy as you are short!" Christy Hancock

Question 8-Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?
#3 answer: "Again, are you kidding? Actually, I think you follow the important ones!" Nikki Packer
#2 answer: "Depends on if the rules "apply to you :)" Molly Carter
#1 answer and best all time: "Depends on the rules-but if the rule is "thou shalt not inflict bodily harm on thy husband", then NO." Christy Hancock

Question 9-Any special talents?
#3 answer: "Many...cooking, sewing, having fun even in the most ridiculous situations, contagious excitement, loving other people's children (lol)." Molly Carter
#2 answer: "There's a horse dance I keep hearing about...and your a wicked good cook." Christy Hancock
#1 answer and tied with the other best all time answer: "You are super woman. I told TJ the other day that if I die and Daniel dies, he better get his name on a list to date you because I have never seen a more together, fun, crazy (in a good way) girl that can do EVERYTHING! Um...please let me know if TJ calls you before I kick the bucket..." Nikki Packer

Question 10- What am I most adamant about?
#3 answer: "Having fun!" pretty much everyone
#2 answer: "Life in general...making the most of it." Whitney Garrett
#1 answer: "Having fun and being kind. Cheesy, I know, but I believe that! Oh, and you apparently don't like it when Daniel tells you to get a REAL job." Nikki Packer

Question 11- Thought or memory when hearing my name?
#3 answer: "Mud fights, happy, bright colors." Molly Carter
#2 answer: "Cheer buddy/twin" Janelle Newman
#1 answer: "Just about every memory I have with you involves hiding behind or underneath something! Hiding behind a rock in Nate Cooper's yard. Hiding under benches in the school office during my stupid"Space Through Time" class. Hiding behind candy machines so I could get a look at Joel Pack (remember the kid with the mohawk?) Nikki Packer--she forgot to mention hiding inside of garbage cans!!!

Question 12- If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing I would bring?
#3 answer: "Melona Popsicles" Molly and Janelle
#2 answer: "Your awesome cell phone. Then you could stay connected to everyone and run your business from afar." Tara Bone
#1 answer and again tied for best all time answer: "Knowing you, we wouldn't need to bring anything because I'm sure you could cook us up something, look absolutely beautiful, and probably start your own business before I cleaned the sand out of my ears." Nikki Packer

Do you see why I love my friends?? If any of you want to meet the comedians in my life, let me know and I'll hook you up! Not that this is a competition by any means, but Nikki and Christy need to do these things professionally! Thanks for the great laughs everybody!!!


Fig said...

So fun! And it's all true!

And I rock, basically.

Molly Bea said...

yeah, that was funny. I may not be the funniest, but at least I knew the REAL answers...j/k.