Monday, February 25, 2008

Go Pokes!!!!

The Cowboys are struggling this year but we got to experience a fabulous game last Saturday. They beat Kansas, the #4 team in the Nation, by 1 point. It was awesome baby!!!! They haven't beat Kansas since Daniel's Junior year when they spanked them by 20 points. Oh wait, I take that back, they beat them Daniel's Senior year in the Big 12 Tournament as well. We did our famous Horse Dance down on the court for all of the fans and proved to everybody once again, that we are in fact, the good luck charms for the Oklahoma State Cowboys!!!! That's not self proclaimed, that's what EVERYBODY told us afterward. Way to go Cowboys, keep it up!!!


Fig said...

That family pic on top is super cute!

Anonymous said...

that's right you got to fly your sis out more often! I'll get that video on this afternoon! yipee!