Thursday, February 14, 2008


So here's the story... I'm down in Oklahoma City last weekend for a Craft Fair that I had a T-shirt booth set up for. Friday morning I'm running a few errands before it starts and I'm just minding my own business in Office Depot of all places. I'm in line to check out with my "Cool Chicks Wear Orange" shirt on, of course, and an employee, a near retirement age employee, I might add, yells at me from the customer service desk....

Near Retirement Age Employee yelling: "Do you work for Hooters?"

Me, minding my own business: "WHAT?!?*"

Near Retirement Age Employee yelling: "Cool Chicks Wear Orange. Hooters is orange."

Me, minding my own business: "Um NO! I own my own company but I'm sure Hooters would be a great place to work."

OK first of all WHO SAYS THAT in their own place of employment?


And last but definitely not least, DO MY HOOTERS LOOK LIKE THEY WOULD GET ME A JOB AT HOOTERS???!!!! It's Ok, you can look and say it out loud....NOT A CHANCE!!!!

This my friends is one of the reasons I absolutely love Oklahoma. Many people have absolutely no tact and just yell out whatever is on their minds. I guess if the guy wasn't near retirement age, I could have taken it as a compliment, but no, he gets a big old PERVERT stamp on his forehead.

And my story is over. Hooray for Hooters!!!!! My huge ones, especially!


Fig said...

That is hilarious, I LOVE it. Especially since at the end we learn it was a man! I was thinking it was a woman, for some reason . . . wow.

P.S. If I was in charge at Hooters, I'd totally hire you, lopsided mosquito bites and all. Big knockers are so overrated.

Molly Bea said... the nerve of some people. You should have totally said "oh yeah, I think I've served you a few times!"

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, seriously who says that? too funny!

Kristi said...

Good thing grandma and I make up for the lack of boobs you have.... Do you think Hooters would hire me? I think that's my calling in life! :)

Anonymous said...

hey you could get some good advertising... sell your shirts to hooters!! lol jk