Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sweets with your Sweetie Party

Friday night my friend Christy and I planned a party for all of the young couples in our ward. It was lots of fun, although I've decided parties are never as fun when you are the one that plans them because you worry about everything instead of just showing up and enjoying yourself. Oh well, that hasn't stopped me yet and it won't stop me in the future. I love parties!!! We had a couples quiz where we chose the most random thing about them and made everybody guess who it was, as well as an "our song" quiz (that was funny!) We played flashlight tag in the dark church with handcuffs on and we attempted to play truth or dare but some people forgot to leave their bad attitudes at home!!! I forgot to take pictures sooner but here are a few that I got. Thanks for all of your help Christy, couldn't have done it without you and thanks for coming everyone, look forward to more couples parties in the future.

Beau and Christy

Jason and Kessa Aaron and Aimee Jacob and Rachel

Daniel and Me

Not pictured (sorry my bad): Jason and Kristen, Lacey and Sam, Chris and Wendy, Chad and Judith


Fig said...

YAY! Our party was awesome, and the next one will be even better. Also, I love the booty-lovin' picture of you guys.

Lacey Freeman said...

Totally bummed X had to work, but it looks like you guys had fun!!

And that picture of you and Daniel is HOTT!

Molly Bea said...

Bummer I couldn't have been there, but I'm glad it was a hit!