Thursday, January 3, 2008

10 random things about me:

My friend asked me to write down 10 random things about me. Oh boy, this could be lots of fun and I'm not quite sure where to start. I am a very random person so prepare yourself...some of these might come as a shock, then again, probably not!!!!


Is that cool or pathetic? I'm leaning towards cool. (I was kissed by a few others, but I did not kiss them back, so to me that doesn't count.)

Bowdy(#1) of course was the first and the only for at least 2 years.

Then there was a slight break up between the two of us where I tried, successfully, I might add, to steal another girls boyfriend (Troy #2) in High School, kissed him once, and realized that he just wasn't worth it!!! He was the worst kisser. Soon after that I was back to kissing Bowdy.

Then at Ricks College Charley(#3) kissed me but earned himself the nickname of "Chester the Molester" when I found his hands in places they absolutely did not belong and then he had the guts to ask me if I was ready to go down that road of marriage with him when we weren't even dating. YIKES!!!

Chip(#4 a.k.a. Jeremy Mansius) Now Chip was Awesome! He was in my ward at Ricks and played baseball up there. I will always be thankful for Chip for falling in love with me when I was fat and heart broken by Bowdy. I was in a depression of sorts, but Chips kisses brought me back out of that and let me know just how special I really was to someone like him. Thanks Chip! P.S. Chip and Daniel would be great friends if they ever met.

EFY guy (#5- I'm actually not even sure this one happened) I can't remember his name, I think it was Conner??? Anyway, our last session of EFY in Canada I had a huge crush on him, he was Canadian and I thought that was cool. He came to Utah for a EFY Counselor Reunion and I think we kissed, I'll have to ask Molly, she will remember. Wow, those details are sketchy, it must have been real meaningful, NOT!!!

And last but definitely not least is Daniel (#6) by hubby, my lover, my friend. Our first kiss came after a couple of dates and a discussion of our favorite scripture Alma 26:12. He leaned in and gave me a cute little kiss and as stated before all I could say was "Hooray!" The rest is history.


Yes, it is true, now this one for sure is pathetic, but you have to realize that I had dated Bowdy for 3 1/2 years and had my entire life planned out with this guy when he decided to shatter my heart in a thousand pieces and crush all my dreams along with it. Honestly, I really don't remember a lot of details, which I KNOW is a huge blessing, but I do remember the 40 pounds and my love for Ben and Jerry's ice cream. They were there for me when nobody else was!!! On a side note...Daniel actually fell in love with me when I had all this extra weight on me. That is one reason my mom loved him from the start!


I don't know how many of you know this but Daniel and I went to Timpview together our freshman year. I had the biggest crush on him ever, but he was afraid of girls and especially me, because I was a little bit of a spaz. Ok, I know that was a huge understatement. Anyway, he played basketball and I was a cheerleader and I would stand under the basket and take pictures of him and make up my own cheers for him! (I have all of this as proof if you need to see it). After that year, his family moved back to California and I didn't see or talk to him for 5 years. After his mission he came to BYU to play basketball and looked me up in the computer system a.k.a. the "Stalker Net". Our first date was October 6th of 2000. On Feb. 16th, the night we got engaged, I got my yearbooks out because I was going to start making wedding lists right then. I read what Daniel wrote to me in our Freshman yearbook and said, "SHUT UP" it says..."Natalie, I'm sorry things didn't work out this year, but I want you to know that someday they will." I AM NOT LYING. It's true. We were just meant to be! Love you babe!


Come on down....Natalie Bobik. The summer we got married, we went and stood in line for hours to get into the show. I did my happy dance, which is a shocking sight and sure enough, I was the first one called to the stage. I bid correctly on the first item, which was a play house that is set up at my mom's house in Provo and then I flopped on the Credit Card game because I couldn't hear a thing that was being said when they were describing the prizes. I was talking to Bob. I was not aware that the go cart was a push go cart so I bid wrong and lost. I didn't give up hope, I knew the wheel would be a whole new chance but it was heavier than all get out, and it totally kicked my butt. I think I got like 15 cents total. It sucked, but I have the video tape and the memories and how many people can really say they have been on the price is right?


Don't ask me where it came from, I think the movie Dumb and Dumber but who knows. Daniel is the king of nicknames and they seem to stick. I tried to get personalized license plates in Utah that said Boozu and they turned me down because it suggests that I'm a boozer, a drunk, a la-hoo-sa-her. Whatever, if I tried here in Oklahoma, they would totally allow it for sure!


Some of you may not even realize the magnitude of this or care but this was a huge deal and we were all a part of it. Daniel's Junior year they kicked major butt, spanked everybody they played and ended up in San Antonio playing in the Final Four. By this time the whole "Cool Chicks" thing was quite the craze so Kristi and I were having all sorts of fun meeting all sorts of people and getting interviewed, ect. One of the funnest memories of all time, hands down!!! This is kind of like the Price Is Right, not many people can say they have ever done it!


I can't help it, you know when your playing hide and seek and you just can't take it anymore? It's like that, not a full on pee, just a little whiz, no biggie right?


That's probably a little too much information for some of you, but you know me, let's just tell it how it is. So lets first clarify---along with being non-existent they are lopsided. Why didn't anybody tell me that when you breastfeed this happens?? Why didn't anybody tell me to rotate which boob you start with when you breastfeed? Why? Why? Why?


I guess making a complete fool of yourself by doing a hideous dance (if you can call it that) called the "horse dance" on National Television and in front of thousands of people every basketball game at Oklahoma State University along with starting a T-shirt company makes you pretty well known in this part of the country. Who would have thought? My sister and I were just being ourselves :)


Now, if you haven't heard this story you've got to let me know cause it's just too good. Maybe that could be a post in the near future. Let's just say that I deserve a star on my forehead for that one. No medication, no nothin'. Remember that this is Natalie we are talking about, the girl that passes out and has seizures if she sprains her ankle, or gets a shot. That was a huge accomplishment!

Well, that's it, probably the 10 most random things about me! How did I do? Do I get any Hooray's?


Fig said...

Yeah, you get like a hundred hoorays from me! Seriously that was awesome. I knew you gained 40 pounds and were famous in Oklahoma, and I THINK I knew about the Price is Right . . . and I knew about Blaykli being born in 10 minutes even though I want more details so you should definitely do a post about that . . .

Everything else was news to me! And really good news! Loved it.

Fig said...

Wait, I knew about the boobs too.

Also, kissing only 5 or 6 guys is WAY cool. Not at all pathetic. I kissed 8, and now I kind of want to describe them all on my blog, like you did. Hmmm . . .

Lacey Freeman said...

haha, loved it. i am soo jealous that you got to be on the price is right!! i would watch that show EVERY day when i breastfed chase. okay, so we need to hang out more because it sounds like you have lots of awesome stories. =)

Molly Bea said...

That was an exceptional post!!! And I'm really glad none of that was a surprise to me or as your "BEST FRIEND" I'd be thourally disappointed! I love it. 10 is kind of a lot, I'm glad you rose to the occasion!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

You did wonderful! I loved your post! And don't worry...I have gained the depressing 40 pounds before. But I started out a lot bigger than you when I gained it so you can only imagine. Seriously, ask Kristi. She'll tell you about my non existent ankles. hahaha....

TWill33 said...

Natalie you still make me laugh. I must admit I was not surprised by the description on the list. What is funny is that I told my friends that you were a terrible kisser too. It must have been a bad night. LOL. I will give you credit for splitting me up. However I wasn't feeling it either and went back to my former girlfriend as well. Anyway, it is funny now. Your family is really cute. Take Care #2 haha

TWill33 said...

Just so you don't think I was stalking you I found the page from your request on Facebook. Thought I should put that out there so the first post doesn't sound so creepy. Tell Danny Hi.

Jesi Jankas said...

Hooray for you coming to Oklahoma & being so crazy, wonderful & kind!

Jesi Jankas said...

Top 5 Reasons I LOVE BOOZU!
By: Jesi Jankas

1. You are the only person that i let call me "DUDE"
2. You are REAL! what you see is what you get:)
3. Jaxton...enough said!
4. The strenth you give me when I am ready to give up!
5. Unconditional Friendship & Love