Thursday, March 20, 2008

24 reasons I love my SISTER on her 24th birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Sister

Here are 24 reasons that I love you in random order...

#1. I got to wear my "24" shirt in honor of you today!

#2. You are my best friend.

#3. You are absolutely beautiful.

#4. Who else would do this with me?

#5. My kids look more like you than they do me.

#6. You are freakin' hilarious!

#7. You laugh at the same things I do-we are both too easily entertained!

#8. You are a fabulous aunt!

#9. You get your words mixed up.

#10. You are so flexible.

#11. You could kick my butt any day.

#12. You have a gym fantasy boyfriend.

#13. The "Cool Chicks" wouldn't exist without you!

#14. You learn and make the best of your mistakes (a.k.a blessings).

#15. You have such a tender heart.

#16. We've been on a million adventures together

#17. You know how to work it!

#18. Your buck teeth were the best. I'm pretty sure I was jealous of them! I'm pretty sure your bangs were better than mine too.

#19. You are my fashion consultant.

#20. You are about as patient as I am.

#21. We all love your cankles!

#22. Your attitude rocks!

#23. When you walk into a room you light it up.

#24. There isn't a better sister than you in the world! Except for maybe me :)


Oh and one more thing......This is for you!



Anonymous said...

oh... i wish I had a sister like you! :) haha you're too funny

Fig said...

You're wearing overalls in that Japanese picture, aren't you!

Happy birthday Kristi!!

Terri said...

Natalie, how cute to do this for Kristi on her birthday. One thing I know is this...YOU LOVE YOUR SISTER!!! That makes me so happy. I'm so thankful that you have each other. Yup, pretty sure I just have brothers. I wouldn't trade that though. But, I do wish I had a sister...(thanks Janie!) This blof truly makes me HAPPY and it brings back so many wonderful memories. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! I love you tons!!!!!!!!

Lacey Freeman said...

Oh I love it. What an awesome post. I really loved your sister too...can't wait till she's bacl to visit!

Fig said...

Natalie. More blogging, please, you stinking slacker. So you're getting ready for your mom and sister coming to town, so what? Make Jax clean the house. You blog.

Molly Bea said...

What happened to my friend? Where are you and how come you're not blogging anymore...that's so lame!