Sunday, March 9, 2008

Confession of an Imperfect Me #3

So as stated above, we got a minivan yesterday and it was one of the happiest days of my life!!! But we had a little scare and frankly I think that I deserve the "Mother of the Year Award" for this one, so here's the story. I left Daniel at the Dealership and ran home with the kids to give them a break, clean out the Scion and get some paperwork that we needed to get everything finished. I put the kids in the Scion and buckled them up and then I grabbed a few more things that I had forgotten to get out and took them into the house. While I was in the house I took off all of Daniel's keys that were on his key ring and then I locked the door, jumped in the Scion and took off. My mom called right as I was leaving so I was talking to her and then about 1/2 mile from the dealership I turned around and realized that Jaxton was no where to be found. I thought that he had crawled in the back of the Scion and fell asleep so I was calling his name and said, "Jaxton if you don't answer me in 3 seconds I'm going to spank your little hiney." NO ANSWER!!! My heart sank and I said, "Oh Crap." I had no idea where he was or what had happened to him. I called Daniel and told him that I lost our kid and then raced back home. By this time I was freaking out a little bit but about 4 minutes from home my neighbor called me and told me that Jaxton was at their house and he was fine. I felt a little relieved but was still totally confused. I went and picked him up and asked him what in the heck happened and he told me that when I was in the house he ran upstairs (which you get to on the side of our house) to get some movies so he could watch them on the DVD player in our new minivan. I couldn't believe it but was so glad that he was alright and there you have it, confession #3....I TOTALLY LEFT MY 5 YEAR OLD HOME WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT. Please don't turn me in, I'm really not a bad mom!!!! But I'm not really sure this one deserves a Hooray either!!!


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Fig said...

Dude, don't even worry about it. Remind me to tell you my stories about my little brother, who got left EVERYWHERE as a child. Think walking the streets of Provo alone at age TWO. Seriously.

Terri said...

Do you realize how many times I've been on the phone with you when bad things happen? You don't know how that made me feel when you were saying "Jaxton" and he didn't answer you. How sad that I was on the phone with you when your dog got run over? Does this mean I shouldn't call you? Maybe I'm bad luck. No comments from you about that Daniel...I realize I'm the 'mother-in-law'.