Sunday, March 9, 2008

Utah Highlights.....

We had a fabulous time in Utah!!! Jaxton got to go into the cockpit of the airplane on the flight out there.

First priority was to see my Gramps, who is doing a little better but still in bed. He's going on 3 weeks of nothing but rest, the poor guy, but getting him better is all that we care about. Here is a picture of his hair after being in bed for 10 days straight. It's definitely a highlight and good to know he still has a sense of humor!!!!

And speaking of hair we got Blaykli's "White Trash Hair" cut while we were there. It went from this....
to this.....

what do you think???

Saturday was my cousin Parkers baptism. The last time I saw him, he was 5. I love this kid!!!

Do you see the resemblance in the piggy bank and him?

Sunday we got to meet up with Daniel's sister Christina and her fiance Rob....Congrats you two, we look forward to the sunny wedding on July 12th...Woopee!!!!

Monday we went SKIING!!!! I haven't been for 9 years but it was awesome!!!

So was my BIFF down the mountain, right under the ski lift, OF COURSE!!!!

YES, I lost both ski's, both poles, my beanie and my cockiness :)

I didn't lose my sense of humor though, don't worry, I'm still funny!!!!

So is my silly sister!!!!

We got to see Kesley that night, she is so stinkin' cute!!!!

Tuesday was a girl's night out with some of the gang....totally loved it!!!

Brit, Katie, Me, Mykelle & Kesley

Wednesday I went to the temple with my sister, 'Jump On It' with my family and then we went to the BYU game.....

AND FEEL ASLEEP...BORING--Seriously, I don't know how you BYU fans watch those games.

Thursday I ran into Bowdy at the gym with my spandex pants on (it was awesome) and had lunch with the other fun gang

Janelle, Margaret and Nikki

Then I packed up and had the flight from you know where with a 6 hour layover/2 kids on the way home. We did get $450.00 in flight vouchers though, so it was worth it because Daniel's flight is paid for when he comes out for my 10 year reunion this summer.
HOORAY FOR UTAH!!!! Hooray for good times!


Anonymous said...

What a fun time in UTAH! I saw Daniel at the OU game... which was lame... but anyways he was missin you!! Kesley is ADORABLE!!!