Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cool Chicks Wear Green!!!!

When was the last time anybody celebrated St. Patrick's Day??? I couldn't remember either....so I decided it was time for a GREEN girls night out and it was a blast!!! I picked everybody up in the minivan to break it in and I'm pretty sure every one of these girls wants one now, even if they don't have kids :) Oh and I totally peeled out in it (don't tell Daniel but it was awesome!). We went to Red Robin to eat and then we went to Purple Glaze to use our creativity. (I had to redeem myself because I went to Color Me Mine in Utah while I was there and no, it was not on my list of highlights as you probably noticed, because it was a horrible experience for me.) Afterwards we went out to Cold Stone for ice cream. It was a fabulous time! Just for the record, I am such a fan of Girls Night Out's especially when everybody is a good sport about wearing my crazy outfits!!!

Purple Glaze (the Oklahoma or White Trash version of Color Me Mine)
Christy with her fish gravy bowl for the fish gravy she is planning on making!!
Lacey with her super cute cherry plate. She told us she was creative!Robyn with her cats (3 to be exact) new water bowl.
Michele a.k.a New Girl with her bird soap dispenser.
Jenna (New Girls sister) with her bird vase.
Me, trying to redeem myself.
Thanks for coming girls, we will have to do it again sometime soon!!!!


Fig said...

Hooray for that! And McCarney was right, I was totally blocking her in the group pottery shot. Whoops.

That was an AWESOME girls' night out, and you know I covet the van.

That better not be a mocking tone of voice I hear when you speak of my fish gravy boat . . .

Natalie said...

you know I wouldn't mock the fish gravy boat, it was the best, that's why I put you first!!!!

Lacey said...

So sad I missed my chance to wear a "cool chicks" shirt. Looks like you guys had fun!!

Molly Bea said...

ohh, that looks like fun. Next time do it here in Hawaii...then I'll come too! Go Green! I love St. Paddy's day!!! ( hello, I even put green food coloring in the mashed potatoes...although I think it kind of freaked the boys out because no one has touched the leftovers...ooops!)

Lacey Freeman said...

Okay, yeah you (we) totally have to do that again. What I bummer...I was at the beach and all but this looks like it was way too fun. I am totally JEALOUS! Let's do it SOON! I love love love the shirts! and glasses!