Monday, April 14, 2008

Hooray for Ebay (ooh that rhymed)!!!!

So I went to the mall last week and searched high and low for some cute, fun, casual yet potentially dressy white shoes to wear with skirts and such in the summertime. NO LUCK! I knew exactly what I was looking for and saw it in other colors just not white. Anyway, I came home and googled MIA, found the perfect shoes and guess what they were SOLD OUT everywhere! By this time I was starting to feel sorry for myself and my cute shoes hopes were dashed, big sigh...and then it caught my eye (ooh that rhymed again, I'm on a roll).....the link to EBAY. I went there to search for the MIA Esie's in a 7.5 and there they were...beautiful and brand new, but only 2 pair in my size. Yah, no bidders, I was the first. I bid $35.oo for a $60.00 pair of shoes and waited for almost 2 full days to find out that I WON!!!! But wait, it gets better, the starting bid was 19.99 and nobody else bid so I got them for 19.99 plus shipping, which was still cheaper than the 35.00 that I was willing to pay plus shipping. I'm pretty sure that Ebay is my new best friend! I'm also pretty sure that you all know how Ebay works so that was a little too much detail, unless you are my mom, then you will think that's the coolest thing you've ever heard of and want to try it yourself but then I'll have to answer all your silly questions :) Just kidding mom, I still love you and I really love my new shoes!!!

Hooray for Ebay!!!


Molly Bea said...

um yeah, those are pretty much the cutest shoes ever!

Beth said...

Score! Congratulations!

Lacey Freeman said...

Way Cute. I loved your shoes (and always) on Sunday.

Fig said...

Super cute. I actually tried on some navy blue ones like that, but they were way uncomfortable to me. Laaame.

Are you going to showcase them on our trip?

M-Ware said...

i have to say, your house is so adorable! i love what you've done with it.

and i appreciated the ebay play-by-play - i've never used it. it scares me. i am already addicted to the internet and i think ebay would send me over the edge.