Monday, April 14, 2008

Confession of an Imperfect Me #4

Here it is, my 4th confession: I AM ADDICTED TO WEBKINZ. I know, how lame can I be?? I'm not addicted to the webkinz themselves (I could build a house with all the stuffed animals we have), I'm addicted to the website that you can go to and play games to earn money to buy things for your webkinz. Jaxton and Blaykli have 6 combined: Eddie the pug, Shaq the lab, Mack the frog, Ralphie the Koala, Sweet Do Do the Hippo, and Tandi the pig. Naming their webkinz is about as far as I let the kids go and then I take it from there with all of the decisions concerning each of them. No joke, when my sister was here we played for hours on end, trying out all of the different games, earning the money and then having serious conversations about what we were going to purchase to make each of their rooms the cutest, what colors to paint the walls, furniture to buy, etc. Daniel laughed at us, my mom laughed at us, Jaxton yelled at us (cause he wanted to play himself), and we laughed at ourselves but that didn't stop us from having more conversations about the layout of the room and what they really needed, opposed to what we thought they wanted. Like they even know or care, although each time we bought them something a little blurb would come up from the animal thanking us for buying that for them. It was pretty cute and it made me feel happy inside! I know you are all laughing at me and thinking that I am totally kidding about all of this but---I'M NOT!!! If you don't believe me, ask my sister or Jaxton, he will tell you that I never give him turns on the computer and it's true. :)


Molly Bea said...

is it like a ds?

Todd, Janelle & Sydney said...

I'm sorry, but Nat you are a NERD!!! :)