Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here they promised

My PLUMP pictures
From 125 to 160 in approximately 2 1/2 months!!!

Chunky but Funky!!!

Check out the double chin on this one!

I don't think anything needs to be said except HOORAY for Daniel who feel in love with me despite the 40 pounds I had gained! He liked me large and in charge!


faith said...

hooray, natalie! and you were still cute!

Fig said...

I like you large and in charge too! I'd already seen these, but I was still so excited to see them again.

Dizzle says "are those pregnant pictures?"


Also . . . hate to break it to you, but my 110 to 165 in 3 months totally trumped you. Sorry.

Molly Bea said...

So funny! I know I was VERY around then, but I never remember you being "chunky" so funny now!

Anonymous said...

Horray! I got to see the proof!!! you were one hot momma then and even more now! :) Daniel is a lucky man!

M-Ware said...

the amazing thing is you still look gorgeous! and shout out to the roosevelt, utah 84066 t-shirt!! where did you find that? hilarious.

Lacey Freeman said...

You do not even look bad! I like the long hair though seriously.

Lacey said...

Totally digging the shirt. All of us Roos girls need to get one and parade them around...and I'm with the others--you still looked great.