Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jaxton turned 6...

July 15th, 2008
For Jaxton's birthday we had a family pizza party and ate outside on blankets on the lawn. I learned my lesson last Christmas with him so this time I hid all of his presents in the yard and made him find them one at a time and open them one at a time so the present part would last longer than 3.3 seconds. It worked and we all had a fun, relaxing night!

Nanny got him a camera

Pampa got him a Batman blanket and a Spiderman game.

Mommy got him some Webkinz
Tisti got him this movie
Daddy got him some church toys
and Jaxton bought himself Mike
Happy Birthday Buddy!!! I love you!


Wheetie said...

How come his daddy isn't in any of these pictures? Oh, I forgot, he's never with his dad on his birthday. Your bad! That better not happen any more!

Wheetie said...

I love this stinken kid