Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yesterday I went to the DTD (Down There Doctor) for my yearly PAP. I haven't had one since Blaykli was born and she will be 2 1/2 next month so it was time, although it became clear yesterday why I haven't made that a priority, it's no fun! While I was in the office so many memories of my Germany experience flooded through my mind. First of all, when the doctor told me to get undressed, he gave me a sheet to put over myself and left the room. In Germany, if you want to get undressed in private you have to go into a bathroom and THERE WAS NO SHEET TO COVER YOURSELF WITH!!! I would always wear the longest shirt I could find so that I could kind of cover myself while I walked across the room to the chair of doom.
There was no table in Germany, it was a chair with stirrups and if you think that was easy to get into when your 7,8, and 9 months pregnant you can think again. I wish I could draw so that I could give you a visual but you will just have to ask for one next time you see me in person. Another huge difference was that they gave me a PAP every stinkin' appointment, that was every 3 weeks ladies and I'm not joking! The real kicker though was that after I had Blaykli they wanted to keep me in the hospital for a full week. Um, no thank you, I'm an American and 3 days is plenty long with people who can't communicate with me. I asked to go home early and they told me I could go but not until the checked me. I didn't realize that that meant another PAP 3 days after giving birth with the stitches and all!!! Seriously, they are lucky somebody didn't die that day.
Anyway, I shared some of those memories with my doctor and his nurse and he assured me that he would always give me a sheet and only give me my PAP once a year. Life is good!!


Fig said...

I didn't realize that anyone actually said "DTD". How have I missed this?

Remind me next time I see you that I want to see the stirrup gyno pose.

The Happy Haynie Family said...

I love this new terminology "DTD". I will use it from now on!

Angie said...

Oh my gosh!! When I read this I was taken back to a time I would rather forget. I had Allison in Germany too and I was SHOCKED to go in for my first visit and not have a sheet! When I asked about it, the nurse had no idea what I was talking about. I really did like getting an ultrasound every visit though - which was not covered under champus, but they did it anyway...yeah! Due to a spinal headache, I had to stay in the hospital - for NINE long days. That was the super fun part, let me tell you! But hey, look at these beautiful little girls we got out of the ordeal...I'm thinking it was totally worth it, right?